Thursday, 1 May 2014

Stars Post

Hi everyone! We are Maria Dolores and María and this week we have been the stars of “The Little Ants”.
This week the stars had a big responsibility, because we competed for an important prize, so our effort was so important. We divided the topics and each of us developed three of them, then we passed our summaries and we studied the six topics.
Our task have consisted on participate in a game, which it was like a “parchís”. If we remember, the two weeks before holidays, we were working on the LOMCE and its changes in relation with the LOE. Linda, our teacher, gave us six topics to work. Firstly, each group had to do two conceptual maps, with two of these topics and then, explaining the permanencies and the changes between both laws. Secondly, every members of the class met to establish a common conceptual map of each topic. Then, we had to obtain or elaborate eight questions of each conceptual map.
These questions have been the protagonists of the task we have done this week. The game was structured in the following way: two stars of each group had to represent the rest of the same. The rest of our classmates were the public, including our partners.
All stars of different groups were together, although it wasn´t possible that two members of the same group were close, obviously. Then, Linda gave us a “piece” which would move our position in the panel. Our piece was a pair of heels. The rules of the game were the following: firstly, a star said a number between five and ten. Linda counted the question until she arrived at the correct, and then, she asked the star the correspondent. If the participant guessed the answer, she could roll the dice, and her piece would be moved on the panel. If she failed, her/his dice would stay in the same place.

The game was developed during one and a half more or less. We finished in the fifth position and T8T were the winner, they played very well! Although, we have to recognize that the luck played an important role.

However, it was so funny, and we learnt a lot of things about LOMCE, because we listened different answers of our partners. At first we were very nervous, but we when we saw that we were going to spend a good time we felt calmer.

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