Monday, 5 May 2014

Analyst Post

Hi I am Raquel and I was the analyst of my group last week! The las week we finished with the Educational System Game, and to close the subject we did a competition with all the groups. As all of know what is the work of an analyst, I am going to start to tell you our reflection about the game directly.
Thinking on the last week maybe, the best part of the activity was what we have learned about the law and the best part is that we have learned things that we will be able to use in our future as teachers. We think that with these new knowledge we will do our work easier. On the other hand, the worst part of the activity, in our opinion, was that the stars had to play in the game alone, without any help from the rest of the group. We stronly believe that in this type of activities would be better if the hole group could participate in it, because for example in this case we are a group but in this game our stars were the two people that can participate, they had a very big responsibility because they was fighting to get a reward, which will be for all the members of the group, so we think that it would be more right if the group would have a representative who speak and tell to teacher the answers which the group decide, but the hole group can discuss about what answer is the best and add more things, because all the members should have the opportunity to fight to get that reward. Also as future teachers we believe that is better to promote work in group in the way that I have just explained.
About the day of the game, the best moment was at the beginning of the class, when our stars answered correctly the questions, because we knew that it would motivate them and would help them to be more self-confident, it was a good thing because they wanted to win the first reward for our group and they were very nervous. On the other hand, the worst moment was without any doubt the moment before the beginning of the game, because we were really nervous, but over all our stars were very nervous too ,of course, because they were the people who play in that moment and the rest of the group couldn't help them in that moment. They had our support but it wasn't enough to calm their jitters. 
To sum, I have to repeat that we have learn new things about the Educational Law of our country and we think that this have been an interesting method to work this topic, which we have study for the firts time, because any of us had studied any law before this game, so it have been a good experience and we believe that these knowledge will be very usefull in our future as teachers as I have said before.
Thanks! I hope that you enjoy it!

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