Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Analist Post

Hello! I am María Dolores, the analyst, in this work I have to evaluate the work of the group and answer these questions:
a. What was the best part of the activity? The best part has been to design our own school because we have learnt more about the organization of a school. The school board is one of the most important part of the school, it is composed by the staff of school and other people.
b. What was the worse? The worst part was, at first we didn´t know what we have to do, because our stars acted like the boss, they gave us orders and the things which we had to do, so we were confused and overwhelmed because we had few time to do the task.
c. What was the best moment of the week (in the work of the group)? We had got only one day but we were great time searching information and designing our school, although at first not was like that.   
d. What was the worse? We were lost at first because this task was different, the star normally is a person who usually presents the task, but this time was different, the stars had to choose two members of our group to present the task, while they were like the rest of the public.
e. What have you learnt? We have learnt the organization of a school, there are a lot of people who have to be on charge of that institution, for example, the School Broad is one of the most important part, it is composed by many people.
f. What do you need to conserve -as a group- for the next weeks? In this task we have learnt to do a quickly work, we had an hour to design our school. Other times we knew that we had more time and we were calmer, sometimes the pressure is good because we can see that we are able to work quickly.
g. What do you need to improve –as a group- for the next weeks? We need to learn that we have to divide the work in a better way, because we felt overwhelmed and we couldn´t concentrate at first, but at the end we complemented between us.
h. How THIS content is related to other contents in the course and in your degree? This content can be related to many contents of our degree because we had to design a school with his school broad, the organization, schedules and so on. So we have to take into account the children who are from different cultures and countries (sociology of education), the technologies which they are going to use to develop their learning (ICT), the planning of students, for example schedules (planning of education).
i. There is any evident social connection of this content (news, politics, etc.)? We can connect this task with the current changes which took place in the organization of schools with the new law, LOMCE, because we have to be aware about the organization according it. When we studied the law of education we saw some advantages and disadvantages for students, and we understood the polemic situation.

So, this is my job! I hope you like it!

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