Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Facilitator Post

Hello readers! I’m Alba and I’m the Facilitator of this week. My role has been coordinating the work of my group. This week has been a bit strange because we had just the time of the class for doing the task; designing the schools of our dreams but with a characteristic. We had to work under the supervision of the two stars of the group, Blanca and Raquel. At the beginning of the class, Linda had talked with them and said them that they had to be autocratic leaders, and all the decisions of the group had to be made by them. The others members of the group did not understand everything at first and they were a bit angry but after they accepted that it was part of the task. Me as facilitator tried to coordinate the work but it was impossible, because Blanca and Raquel were very hard and did not lend me to run the situation., due to their role of dictatorial leaders.

Despite this, I think that the group worked very well and the girls accepted the situation in the best way. From my point of view is a very good activity to understand the different types of leaders that a group of work can have. And after we discussed our impressions about the activity we realized that always is better a boss who is able to work in group and to listen the others opinion, although he or she manages the way of working, he has to know that other scan have other good ideas too.

Now we are working in the task about the disadvantages and advantages of each type of leadership and we hope that we can do a good exposition.

See you.

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