Monday, 5 May 2014

Curator-Farmer Post

Hi everyone! I'm Esmeralda and I have had the role of curator-farmer this week. The task of this week was to develop our own school and this activity last only one hour! We didn't need any papers for doing it, so I don't have references to put here.

I have summarized the main characteristics of the school that we have created on this pearltrees:

Here you have the link of the pearl trees so you can see it more detailed:

Apart from my role as curator-farmer, the day of the activity I had to present our bilingual school to the class with my partner Rosana. We were a bit lost because we hadn't had so much time to prepare the activity in a more detailed way, but we took it as a challenge and we did it. This week we have had a great time!

See you!

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