Friday, 2 May 2014

Journalist Post

Hello everyone! I’m Alba and I’ve got the Journalist Role this week. This week we have finished with the Educational System Game, and to close the subject we had to do a competition with all the groups.

In this competition only took part the stars of each groups, and our selected stars were María and María Dolores. On Tuesday, the day of competition, they were very nervous because of the pressure and the big responsability they had, so the rest of the group tried to calm them. 

 Although we couldn’t win we really had fun with the contest and we had a very good time supporting them. They had prepared very well all the questions but like all games, luck had a big relevance. The winners were T8T Team and we want to say congratulations to them, they did and excellent work.

What about the rest of the group's work during this week? Well, we did summaries for María and María Dolores of the six topics, in order to facilitate them the study of the law. Also we did a type of ' psychological therapy' to calm them and awareness them that it was just a game and whatever happened they were our winners!

 With this experience we had learned many new things about the Educational Laws in Spain but in an interesting way. We think that we can use this method when we become teachers because students learn in an original way that motivates them with prizes and recognition. About prizes, at first we thought that it was unfair that only two groups could win the competition, but talking with Linda we realized that it was the only way to motivate us to study the questions and to do and effort, so now we know that rewards were necessary in this case.

Best regards.

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