Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Stars - Alba Velasco and María Mula

Hi everyone, we are Alba and María, and this week we have been the stars of our activity. The task has consisted on doing a presentation explaining the advantages and disadvantages of six types of leadership: authoritarian, democratic, paternalistic, laissez-faire, transactional and transformational. Here you have some of the main characteristic of each type:

 -Authoritarian: It can be effective in work environments where decisions need to be made quickly but in fear of followers being unproductive, authoritarian leaders keep close supervision and feel this is necessary in order for anything to be done.

- Democratic: This style of leadership encompasses discussion, debate and sharing of ideas and encouragement of people to feel good about their involvement. However, in situations where roles are unclear or time is of the essence, democratic leadership can lead to communication failures and uncompleted projects

-Paternalistic: The relationship between these co-workers and leader are extremely solid, although like a parent would have to, sometimes the employer must spank the employee.

 -Laissez-faire: Laissez-faire leaders allow followers to have complete freedom to make decisions but it can sometimes result in a lack of productivity, cohesiveness, and satisfaction.

 -Transactional: Transactional leaders are effective on work team. On the other hand, the main disadvantage is that they are more concerned with following existing rules than with making changes to the organization.

 -Transformational: The main objective is to work to change or transform his or her followers' needs and redirect their thinking. In addition, transformational leadership can reform organizations.

With this activity, we have learned that there are many types of ways to guide a team. In addition, some of them are more effective than others and we have discovered that our type of organization (in The Little Ants) is democrative, we have got good things but like always we have to improve in other aspects of organizating our work. We have liked a sentence of one of our classmates: “a leader must form leaders, not followers”.

See you next week!

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