Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Facilitator's Post

Hi readers! I'm Esmeralda, the facilitator of this week. I have coordinated and evaluated the work of my group and this week has been special. We have studied the different types of leadership that a group could have and I have been trying some of them.

 Trying to do it in a good mood, I attempted to order some of my mates what they have to do and when they have to do it, I pressure them a bit and their response was a sense of nervousness, they were frustrated and worried of doing the task as fast as possible to avoid my scolding. This is typical of the authoritarian leadership and I proved that it was not a good way of working because it was difficult to maintain a healthy environment of work.

Regarding to that experiment, I decided that the most adequate way of working was the democratic type of leadership. So, I organized the group taking into account each member of the group. In the 6th of May, I divided the work among the members of the group: Mari, Alba and Rosana worked with the Wikipedia's document that Linda had previously uploaded, while Maria and Raquel, and Blanca and me worked with the other two documents in pairs.

During this weekend we continued working on that documents and in the 12th of May we created a Prezi for our stars in order to present the activity. So, in the 13th of May the presented the activity and they do it quite well!

As a facilitator I have to say that my role was easy because, after a long time working together we have learned to work in a cooperative way.

Moreover, I have to be in charge of the Web 2.0, so here you can see some of our tweets of this week: 

See you!

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